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Release Highlights

New Features and Improvements

  • QB-1901: Spot instance support for AWS EC2 cloud profile
  • QB-3659: Spot VM support for Azure cloud profile
  • QB-3272: Support Azure Devops Git Repos
  • QB-3661: UI Polishing
  • QB-3525: Able to change schedule of queued build requests
  • QB-3526: Option to replace existing object when copy from other configurations
  • QB-3531: Able to control permission of queue access in group
  • QB-3534: Do not persist scheduler generated build requests
  • QB-3550: Offer BCC option in the Send Email Step
  • QB-3551: Plugin extension point to write build log to other destinations
  • QB-3558: Adding Evaluate Velocity Template to utils
  • QB-3571: Ability to retrieve external artifacts (specified in configuration setting) via QuickBuild repository
  • QB-3573: Rename groups used in promotion condition also when group renames
  • QB-3578: Send status reason text along with status code in pre-queue evaluation response
  • QB-3579: Log current step when evaluating step repetition values to help error investigation
  • QB-3589: Preserve white spaces in QB log
  • QB-3604: Optional password policy to ensure strong passwords
  • QB-3608: Able to configure LDAP socket connection/read timeout
  • QB-3609: Use a backoff strategy to persist build request when system is busy to improve performance
  • QB-3610: RESTful API to retrieve evaluated variable values of configuration
  • QB-3623: Do not make lastLogin mandatory when creating user via restful api
  • QB-3624: Copy authorized groups automatically when copy a configuration
  • QB-3625: Add a small button next to configuration path to paste configuration path in clipboard
  • QB-3626: A dashboard gadget to display list of builds via groovy script
  • QB-3630: Able to collapse children of composition steps
  • QB-3636: Make the configuration picker in the gadget scriptable
  • QB-3638: Able to pause/unpause schedule without having EDIT_SETTING permission
  • QB-3643: Prevent triggering on disabled configuration through rest API
  • QB-3646: SSO via Azure AD
  • QB-3647: Add a "Prefer node SUCCESSFULLY running this step previously"
  • QB-3649: Test cloud profile only when necessary
  • QB-3655: Improved build statistics
  • QB-3657: Node configuration comparison
  • QB-3662: Retry launching on-demand node via cloud profiles in case there are temporal errors
  • QB-3665: Validate variables submitted via RESTful api or trigger build step
  • QB-3667: Ability to promote external artifacts specified in configuration setting
  • QB-3668: Config notifications: include "committers" from the entire upstream pipeline
  • QB-3669: Able to sync bootstrap libs to agents
  • QB-3671: Have "Custom Statistics Report" plugin support JSON format as well
  • QB-3673: Do not persist user last login upon rest call to improve performance

Bug Fixes

  • QB-3590: Auto promotion again when a build is recommended
  • QB-3612: when importing/syncing changes to configs, there is no update to the audit log
  • QB-3660: Unable to run child steps on other nodes if previous node is not available upon retry
  • QB-3663: Launched Azure windows 10 node can not join the grid automatically
  • QB-3666: Failed builds gadget not showing failed builds of specified root
  • QB-3670: Accessing variables in repository user mapping results NPE if checkout step runs on agent


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