This documentation relates to QuickBuild 12.0.x
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Build Against Specified Tag


Sometimes it is desirable to run build against an existing SCM tag.


Visit the demo project, and hit the run button. Please wait patiently and then QuickBuild will present a list of available tags in project repository for user to select from. Select an arbitrary tag, click OK to run the build, and the build will be generated against specified tag.


  1. Switch to repository setting of the demo project. The demo Subversion repository is defined with Commit or Tag to Build specified as ${vars.getValue("tag")}. The tag variable will be defined later to use the selected tag name.
  2. Switch to variable setting of the demo project. The variable tag is set to prompt as a selection box with choices defined as execution result of a groovy script listing available tags via "git ls-remote" command.
  3. Switch to step setting of the demo project. Necessary steps are defined here to checkout from the Subversion repository, run Maven build script, and then publish generated artifacts.


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