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Commit Command

Commit command is used in commit message to update or progress issues. It has below syntax:


For example, the command below means: command name is Fix, issues are TST-1, TST-2 and TST-3, with one attribute comment which value is implemented a cool feature

Fix TST-1, TST-2 and TST-3 --comment implemented a cool feature

Normally, one command is in one line, if you need multiple line for an attribute, a '\' should be added to the end of line, for example:

Fix TST-1 --comment First line \
Second line \
Third line

Command Name

The action can be customized when you add an Update Issue Step. The action in commit command is case-insensitive that means Fix TST-1 is equals to fix TST-1 or FIX TST-1.

Issue Key
The issue key is issue tracker related. You can customize it in related issue tracker settings by using Java regular expression.

Command Option

Command options in a commit command use defined attributes in issue tracker and they are issue tracker related. Please reference them in the corresponding page in this wiki.


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