This documentation relates to QuickBuild 12.0.x
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Delete Build

Delete builds manually

Build can only be deleted if current user has permission to delete builds in current configuration. After a build is deleted from the build page, the latest build in the configuration will be displayed. To delete multiple builds in the same time, one has to navigate to build history page first. As an administrator, one can also search desired builds and delete them batchly from the find result page.

Delete builds automatically

In a busy system, number of builds increase rapidly. This may consume a lot of disk spaces, and the system may respond slowly for certain operations if there are large number of builds. In such case, it is convenient to delete unwanted builds automatically if certain condition is satisfied. This can be done by specifying build cleanup strategy in advanced settings of related configurations. Currently two cleanup strategies are supported: reserve by days, and reserve by count. Once a cleanup strategy is defined for a configuration, all ocnfigurations in the subtree will use the same strategy unless a descendent configuration overrides this strategy.


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