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Release Highlights

New Features and Improvements

  • QB-3502: Server wide properties/variables
  • QB-3684: Return real-time information of running build from the REST API
  • QB-3697: Export/import dashboards
  • QB-3700: Single sign-on via OpenID connect
  • QB-3707: OpenJDK 16/17 support
  • QB-3708: Optionally do not pass repository revisions in promoted build
  • QB-3711: Can we add drop down filter for my_build like all, running or failed builds
  • QB-3712: Copy to clipboard prev/current values from Audit Log
  • QB-3717: Limit max number of entities to return via RESTful api
  • QB-3718: Allow uploading files to build request via REST API
  • QB-3720: Additional Classpath for groovy script execution step
  • QB-3722: Cloud profile support for GCP
  • QB-3724: An option to prompt as html for variables
  • QB-3725: Please add warning/info to variable prompt description
  • QB-3727: Scripting support for configuration path in various dashboard gadgets
  • QB-3745: NuGet step
  • QB-3755: Customizable configuration deletion behavior via script, such as moving configuration to trash bin
  • QB-3761: Add support for Kubernetes cloud profile on managed clusters
  • QB-3762: Specify Sync Mode for Perforce Repositories via script
  • QB-3764: New SSO accounts can't authenticate with a security provider like ldap
  • QB-3767: Kubernetes cloud profile container/pod spec customization
  • QB-3769: Add the ip of the restful request in the exception message
  • QB-3771: Monorepo support
  • QB-3772: Configure applicable path pattern of a repository and show related SCM changes and issues corresponding to that path pattern
  • QB-3792: Support GitHub Organization Webhook
  • QB-3793: Authenticate with api token instead of password for RESTful api
  • QB-3797: Separate build condition check timeout from build timeout
  • QB-3804: Text in dialog boxes ins not wrapped correctly
  • QB-3812: Wrap step name when it is too long to show operations
  • QB-3816: Mac M1 chipset support
  • QB-3818: Configuration tree state per gadget
  • QB-3821: Update log4j of tray monitor to latest version
  • QB-3822: Able to specify MSBuild executable path in MSBuild step definition
  • QB-3830: Able to grant user variable editing permission over a configuration without editing other settings


  • QB-3685: Plugin settings are not propagated correctly if some build agents are timeouting
  • QB-3696: build.getLogUrl() doesn't work properly if getSystemSetting().getUrl() ends with "/"
  • QB-3702: Schedule inherited from new parent does not work after moving a configuration
  • QB-3703: Retry on trigger build step does not work
  • QB-3728: NPE when JIRA Cloud setting is inherited from parent configuration
  • QB-3751: Build auto-cleanup should not delete build being promoted
  • QB-3783: Delete files action of step should not delete specified directory
  • QB-3798: configuration.findVar and configuration.findVarValue not exist in inline scripting help
  • QB-3817: Graph gadget width is incorrect if there is a configuration tree gadget added after it changing the column width
  • QB-3819: Sending mail via TLS v1.2 does not work
  • QB-3820: Update log4j from 2.17.0 to 2.17.1 to fix a medium priority security vulnerability
  • QB-3823: Date time variable input field can not be cleared
  • QB-3829: Manually assigned groups may get removed for LDAP users
  • QB-3833: Remove unused css classes to avoid warnings


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