This documentation relates to QuickBuild 13.0.x
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Authenticate with Active Directory and LDAP

QuickBuild can be configured to authenticate users through Active Directory or generic LDAP servers. To do this, please navigate to menu Administration/Security Settings, and add an authenticator with the type Active Directory or LDAP.

Multiple LDAP authenticators can be configured in the system to allow authenticating users to multiple sources. When a user logins into the system, QuickBuild will check user credential against the authentiators one by one, until an authenticator successfully authenticates the user. If all authenticators fail to authenticate the user, the internal database will be used to authenticate the user. New user entries will be created in the internal database for all users authenticated successfully through the authenticators. These user entries are created to hold user settings that are not available in the LDAP servers. For example, an LDAP authenticated user can edit his/her setting to add build subscriptions. These subscription settings will be saved in that user's entry in the internal database.


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