This documentation relates to QuickBuild 13.0.x
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Backup and Restore Data

In this procedure, we assume that installation directory of 4.0.61 or 4.0.61 server is /quickbuild-old, and new version of QuickBuild is extracted to directory /quickbuild-new.

  1. Login to old QuickBuild web UI as administrator, switch to menu Administration/Database Backup, and backup the database to file After the backup, you should be able to find the file /quickbuild-old/
  2. Stop old QuickBuild server process. On Windows platform, please also run /quickbuild-old/bin/server.bat remove to unregister the QuickBuild NT service if it is installed previously. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 system with UAC enabled, you will need to run this command as administrator.
  3. Copy all files under /quickbuild-old/conf to /quickbuild-new/conf except for wrapper.conf and wrapper_license.conf.
  4. Edit file /quickbuild_new/conf/ to remove below line:
  5. If you've adjusted memory setting (property, and java command (property in /quickbuild-old/conf/wrapper.conf, make the same adjustment in /quickbuild-new/conf/wrapper.conf.
  6. If you run QuickBuild with Sun JDK or OpenJDK, make sure to edit file <QuickBuild install dir>/conf/wrapper.conf and add below entry to avoid using up permgen space:
  7. Copy all files under the /quickbuild-old/asset to /quickbuild-new/resource except for default_html_notification.vm, default_plain_notification.vm, and
  8. If you are connecting to external database in old QuickBuild (please check file /quickbuild-old/conf/ for sure), manually delete the database using your database tool, and create a new one with the same name.
  9. Open a command line window, switch to directory /quickbuild-new/bin, and run command restore.(bat|sh) /quickbuild-old/backup.zip_ to migrate and restore data of old QuickBuild.
  10. Run command /quickbuild-new/bin/server.bat install to install QuickBuild NT service if necessary. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 system with UAC enabled, you will need to open the command prompt window as Administrator before running command /quickbuild-new/bin/server.bat install.
  11. Startup new QuickBuild server by running /quickbuild-new/bin/server.bat console and check if data has been restored successfully.
  12. Build and user agents may not get started automatically after upgrade. You may check inactive node list from grid page and start them manually by logging to the machine with appropriate users and running command <agent install dir>/agent.(sh|bat) start. This only happens when upgrading QB4 to QB5 as 5.0 introduces the bootstrap upgrading mechanism but unfortunately cause the agent to stop for the first upgrade. After this start, the agent will be able to update and start automatically when upgrade to new versions even if the bootstrap libraries are changed.
  13. Verify server and agent installation by running some builds.


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