This documentation relates to QuickBuild 13.0.x
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Configuring Disk Monitoring

By default, QuickBuild will only monitor the disk where node storage directory is on. You may want to specify the disks yourself, so you need:

  1. Go to Administration page
  2. Select Plugin Management tab
  3. Configure Grid Measurement Plugin
  4. In Monitor Disk field, input something like:
  5. Go to Grid page, and select Active Nodes tab
  6. Choose the nodes which you want
  7. Choose User Attribute tab
  8. Input something like:

Since 5.0.9, you may also use match pattern to specify your monitoring disks, for example:
* or ** to monitor all disks/partitions on your agents/nodes, or use ant style pattern to include or exclude your disks:


The above pattern means you want to monitor all partitions except /dev.

Please refer to File Pattern Reference for more about how to specify your path pattern.


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