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Data Management

Data backup and restore

The page Administration/Backup Database allows QuickBuild administrator to schedule auto-backups of the database, or run a backup immediately.
Please follow below procedure to restore database from backup:

  1. Shutdown QuickBuild server. If an external database is used, the database server must be running.
  2. Open a command prompt window, switch to bin sub directory of QuickBuild's installation directory, and run the command restore /path/to/backup_file.
    You will need to manually delete and re-create the database to wipe out all QuickBuild relevant data remained in the database in case a previous restore has been failed and you want to try again after fixing the errors.
  3. After restore, start QuickBuild server.

Use other databases other than the embedded H2 database

By default, QuickBuild uses the embedded H2 database for demonstration purpose. In a production environment, it is highly recommended that a serious database is used for performance and reliability reasons. Below is the procedure to switch to use other databases:

  1. Do a backup of current database following guide in the data backup and restore section. Of course this step is not necessary if you do not want to migrate data in current database.
  2. Shutdown QuickBuild server.
  3. Open the file conf/ under QuickBuild's installation directory, and modify settings to connect to desired database following instructions in the file. Currently the following database type other than the embedded H2 are supported:
    • MySQL 4.0 or higher
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or higher
    • Oracle 8i or higher
    • DB2 10 or higher
    • PostgreSQL 9.0 or higher
    • MariaDB 5.5 or higher
  4. Restore previously backed up data into the new database following instructions in the data backup and restore section. This step will not be necessary if you do not want to migrate data from previous database.

    Do not connect multiple QuickBuild servers to the same external database.


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