This documentation relates to QuickBuild 13.0.x
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Plugin Examples

QuickBuild ships with some plugin examples located in directory <QuickBuild install dir>/dev/plugin/samples. You may follow below steps to import these example plugin projects into the plugin development workspace to explore them more easily:

  1. Bring up the import dialog by selecting Eclipse menu item File -> Import. Select Existing Projects into Workspace as import source like below:
  2. Click next to bring up the import projects dialog. Specify root directory as <QuickBuild install dir>/dev/plugin/samples, and check the option Copy projects into workspace like below:
  3. Click finish, and all example plugin projects will be imported into the workspace.
  4. Check Eclipse problems view to see if there is any errors. If there is, rebuild imported projects by selecting menu item Project -> Clean, and click OK on the appeared dialog.

Now let's introduce more plugin concepts and extension points by exploring some of these example projects:


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