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Publish Boost Test Report

To publish Boost Test report, you only need two steps:

  1. Generate Boost Test XML report.
  2. Add a Publish Boost Test Report step by choosing Settings->Steps->Publish ->Boost Test Report in step menu.

Generate Boost XML Report

Boost.Test can output test reports in XML format. Suppose the program that runs your tests is called run_tests, then we can get an XML report by running that program as:

run_tests --log_format=XML --report_level=detailed

and below XML report will be generated:

    <TestSuite name="MyBoostTest">
        <TestSuite name="FooSuites">
            <TestCase name="simpleTestCase">
                <Message file="./boost/test/impl/results_collector.ipp"
                       line="210"><![CDATA[Test case simplePass did not check any assertions]]></Message>
            <TestCase name="checkFailure">
                <Error file="main.cpp" line="30"><![CDATA[check add(2, 2) == 4 failed]]></Error>
            <TestCase name="multipleCheckFailures">
                <Error file="main.cpp" line="25"><![CDATA[check add(2, 2) == 1 failed]]></Error>
                <Error file="main.cpp" line="27"><![CDATA[check add(2, 2) == 3 failed]]></Error>

Publish Boost Test Report

Add Publish Boost Test Report step to your build workflow. If you have several report sets, you can add several publish Boost Test Report steps with different report set names. Reference this page for more details.


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