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Set up Your First Build


Set up build for a project to:

  1. Check out source code from SCM.
  2. Build and run unit tests.
  3. Publish generated artifacts, and test reports.
  4. Label SCM using the build version if the build is successful.
  5. If failed, notify all commit users.


Visit the demo project, and hit the run button to generate the new build. After build finishes, you will see published artifacts as well as junit test reports.


  1. Define next build version at general setting of the demo project.
  2. Switch to notification setting of the demo project. A notification is defined with receivers set as <committers since previous build> and notification condition set as if build is failed.
  3. Switch to repository definition of the demo project. A repository is defined according to SCM setting of the project.
  4. Switch to step definition of the demo project. A sequential composition step is defined as the master step, and below steps are included in the sequential step:
    1. A checkout step to check out from the repository defined in step 3. The source code will be retrieved into workspace directory of the project as indicated by destination path property of the repository.
    2. A Maven build step to run package goal. The build properties is defined like below:

      With this setting, Maven property component.version will be defined as version of current build, and this property is used as project version in pom.xml.

    3. A publish artifacts step to publish generated jars and release notes from workspace of the configuration. Reviewing the workspace tab will be helpful when define this step.
    4. A publish JUnit reports step to publish JUnit xml reports generated by the build. Reviewing the workspace tab will be helpful when define this step.
    5. A label step to tag SCM using the build version.


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