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Upgrade to 3.0.x

Upgrade procedures

Incompatibilities with 2.x

  1. If empty value is specified for a prompted variable, the variable will get value of null. In 2.x, the default value will be used when prompted value is left empty.
  2. View log by step is not possible for migrated builds.
  3. Executed steps should be referenced by Step Path instead of step name.
  4. RESTful API is not compatible with 2.x. Existing programs needs to be changed to use the new API in order to interact with 3.x server.
  5. QuickBuild tray monitor needs to be reinstalled in order to interact with 3.x server.
  6. The method isScheduled() of configuration object is now removed. Call request.scheduled instead to check for scheduled build.
  7. The current object used in next build version field needs to be replaced with configuration as current now points to the version manager object itself.
  8. Builds can not be moved from one configuration to another; otherwise, change and issue comparison will not be accurate.
  9. To build in a future time, define a variable prompting for date or time input, and specify pre-queue script as below:
  10. The method build.getSteps() is removed. If a custom email notification template is used (other than using default_html_notification.vm), please change error message rendering part of the template as below:
    #if ($build.hasErrors())
    <h3>Error Messages</h3>
    <table class="error-messages">
    	#if ($build.errorMessage)
    		<td colspan="2" valign="top">$util.formatString($build.errorMessage)</td>
    		<td valign="top"><a href="$build.logUrl">build log</a></td>
    	#foreach ($stepPathName in $build.stepRuntimes.keySet())
    		#if ($step.errorMessage)
    		<td valign="top">$stepPathName</td>
    		<td valign="top">$util.formatString($step.errorMessage)</td>
    		<td valign="top"><a href="$build.getLogUrl($stepPathName)">step log</a></td>
  11. Custom plugins for 2.x need to be re-compiled and re-exported. Below changes may affect your plugin:
    1. Class com.pmease.quickbuild.web.component.editor is renamed to com.pmease.quickbuild.web.component.editor.BeanEditor.
    2. Read only mode of BeanEditor is removed, and a separate class com.pmease.quickbuild.web.component.BeanViewer is added for display bean properties.


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