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Working with Visual SourceSafe

Specify sourcesafe command location

QuickBuild utilizes the sourcesafe command (normally ss.exe) to interact with SourceSafe database. If this command is not in system path, you will need to specify location of the command by configuring Visual SourceSafe plugin through Plugin Management page.
Further more, soucesafe command location can be specified on a per-node basis by following below steps:

  1. Open Visual SourceSafe plugin setting page and set the property VSS Executable Path as:
  2. For each node that does not have sourcesafe command on system path, define the user attribute vssPath to point to the actual sourcesafe command path like below:

In case of user agent node, the user attribute need to be defined in this way.

Please note that in above example, the ssExePath user attribute is just for demonstration purpose. You can use any other user attribute name.


To use this repository, please be aware of below limitations:

  1. If label step is executed after checkout step, the labeled code might not be consistent with the checkout code since SourceSafe only supports create label on the head. To avoid this issue, please execute label step before checkout step.
  2. Due to SourceSafe command line tool limitation, changes are only calculated in the range of minutes. For example, if a build started at 13:30:05, and a second build started at 13:30:50, any changes committed during 13:30:05 and 13:30:50 will not be detected by the second build.
  3. If user name and password is not specified correctly, ss.exe will hang and use 100% CPU. Upon this, the only way is to bring out task manager and kill _ss.exe process.


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