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Backup Database

QuickBuild database backup can be taken via RESTful call.


The backup can be taken by posting XML representation of the database backup request object to below url:


A sample XML of backup request object is like below:

  <!-- Destination file for the backup -->

  <!-- Whether or not to exclude builds in the backup -->

  <!-- Whether or not to exclude measurement data in the backup -->

  <!-- Whether or not to exclude audits in the backup -->

  <!-- Whether or not to clear passwords in the backup -->

The response is of mime type text/plain and the content is absolute path to the backup file.


You will need to use http BASIC authentication to login as administrator to do the backup.


We use curl to demonstrate how to backup the database:

  1. Save the sample backup request XML described above to file tempfile.xml.
  2. Post content of tempfile.xml to QuickBuild using below command:
    curl -X POST -u admin:admin -d@tempfile.xml http://localhost:8810/rest/backup


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