This documentation relates to QuickBuild 14.0.x
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Badge for build status

QuickBuild can generate a badge image for build status, report stats, so you can add the badge image to markdown, or anywhere you want.

URL syntax

The badge url can be located at:



buildIdOrName is a build id or a name, the name is in the following format:


buildName can be one of the following value:

  • latest
  • latest_successful
  • latest_failed
  • latest_timeout
  • latest_cancelled


type can be one of the following value:

  • status build status
  • boost Boost test report
  • bullseye Bullseye report
  • busted Busted report
  • checkstyle CheckStyle report
  • clover Clover report
  • cobertura Cobertura report
  • codenarc Codenarc report
  • coverity Coverity report
  • cpd CPD report
  • cppcheck CPPCheck report
  • emma EMMA report
  • findbugs FindBugs report
  • fxcop Fxcop report
  • Jacoco Jacoco report
  • junit JUnit report
  • mbunit MBUnit report
  • mstest MSTest report
  • ncover NCover report
  • pmd PMD report
  • tap TAP report
  • testng TestNG report
  • valgrind Valgrind report


Below is an example that shows how to add a badge to GitHub README in markdown:

[![Build status](](

See it in action in below url:


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