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Build is generated by running a configuration. When a particular configuration is triggered (either by user or by the scheduling system), the build condition of the configuration is evaluated. If the result of the evaluation is true, the configuration will be run to generate a new build.

Build version can be used to identify a build inside a configuration, for example: 1.0.0. Some special version can be used to identify latest build of different status:

Version Explanation
latest represents latest build of a configuration
latest_finished represents latest finished build of a configuration
latest_successful represents latest successful build of a configuration
latest_recommended represents latest recommended build of a configuration
latest_failed represents latest failed build of a configuration
latest_cancelled represents latest cancelled build of a configuration
latest_running represents latest running build of a configuration

Build name can be used to uniquely identify a build inside the system. It is in the format of <configuration id>.<build version>, where <configuration id> represents id of a configuration, and <build version> represents version of a build (including special version as introduced above). Some examples:

Name Explanation represents build 1.0.0 in configuration with id 1
2.latest represents latest build in configuration with id 2
2.latest_successful represents latest successful build in configuration with id 2


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