This documentation relates to QuickBuild 14.0.x
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Trigger Build via GET Request

Build can be triggered by posting build request as described in page Interact with Build Requests. Sometimes it is useful to trigger build via GET request, and here is how:

  1. Create a build request XML file, say request.xml Refer to request new build section of Interact with Build Requests on how to create build request XML
  2. Base64 and urlencode the xml file
    base64 request.xml | xargs urlencode 

    On Ubuntu, you will need to call sudo apt install gridsite-clients if urlencode is not available

  3. Trigger build via below url:
    http://localhost:8810/rest/trigger?build_request=<output of above step>

    You will need to use http BASIC authentication to login as authorized QuickBuild user if the anonymous does not have RUN_BUILD permission for the requested configuration.


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