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Release Highlights

New features

  • QB-3007: Launch build agent on demand in Kubernetes cluster
  • QB-3109: Launch build agent on demand in Azure cloud
  • QB-3063: BitBucket cloud ( integraion
  • QB-2891: Slack Notification Plugin
  • QB-3075: Add GitHub's build status markdown
  • QB-3107: File compress support for artifact publishing/dependency resolving/artifact promotion
  • QB-3105: An option to display parallel steps vertically
  • QB-3100: Add ticket authentication for Perforce repository besides password
  • QB-3094: Add support for triggering builds on one configuration for pull requests and branches
  • QB-3092: Additional access control for grid tab via group
  • QB-3088: Able to search builds by master node address
  • QB-3086: Nested permission set support
  • QB-3116: Edit group authorizations at configuration side
  • QB-3119: Add a configuration level cache to store script evaluation result
  • QB-3079: Able to diff original value and current value for setting overriden
  • QB-3077: Able to pause notification of a configuration tree
  • QB-2197: Able to set per-step log level
  • QB-3076: Able to specify output charset for command build step
  • QB-3073: Gzip compression when access build log
  • QB-3072: Add full name to user pick list when edit a group
  • QB-3070: An option to prevent artifacts override when doing publish
  • QB-3052: Dashboard administration - ownership transfer
  • QB-3121: Able to specify primary dashboard if multiple dashboards are applicable for new users
  • QB-3122: Build cleanup strategy to evaluate a condition to determine if the build should be preserved
  • QB-3023: Able to specify network loss tolerance period when executing a step
  • QB-3022: Add user information to "pause system" messaging
  • QB-3020: Setting patterns on the "Artifact Cleanup Strategy"
  • QB-3008: Change the variable option such as read only, allow empty, remember from check-box to script
  • QB-3005: Multiple user and version search support in build history filter
  • QB-3003: Git gc run before doing a fetch/pull
  • QB-2992: Add conditions to velocity template attachements
  • QB-3123: Optionally disable "p4 print" during unshelve for improved performance
  • QB-3124: Dashboard should only be allowed to be edited by owner or administrator
  • QB-2981: Build step - configuration export and import
  • QB-2977: Allow conditions to be added to the step "retry after failure" feature
  • QB-2976: An option to show urls in step log as links
  • QB-2975: Add the ability to make "view log of this step" wicket a shareable link
  • QB-2973: Editable customized access denied message for configuration
  • QB-3097: Custom Statistics Widget - Data Range Display
  • QB-3081: Custom statistics history gadget always starts at zero although there are also negative numbers
  • QB-3044: User management 'shorcut' letters should have an option "startsWith" on top of "contains"
  • QB-3027: Add "Count" Indicator to Build Stats dashboard gadget
  • QB-3010: JaCoCo Aggregation Table Gadget

Bug fixes

  • QB-3114: Max workers setting executes parallel childs in batches and not "Child step will wait until it is picked up by free workers"
  • QB-3115: When max workers are set in parallel composite step and one fails the pending steps are skipped
  • QB-3102: Set default date of lastLogin of user when migration from QB6 to QB8
  • QB-3091: Node attribute not refreshed in grid overview when modified by script on agent side
  • QB-3118: Unauthorized access to configuration audit/stats/storage tab can be achieved by inputting url directly
  • QB-3117: Authorization changing is not audited
  • QB-3055: Missing SCM control files (files in .git, .svn, etc.) on server when they are set to stored on agent
  • QB-3053: Dashboard administration - sorting is not persistent
  • QB-3037: Promotion button not refreshing
  • QB-3009: Disable button in build option and promote option page when pressed to prevent further click
  • QB-2995: Step with execute condition "always execute" is skipped if condition check of previous step throws exception
  • QB-2986: Subversion proof build does not commit if commit message contains quoted dots
  • QB-2974: Jetty idleTimeout issue
  • QB-2908: Audit configuration import
  • QB-3125: Unshelve process for proof build in Perforce print files on all the agents checking out repository
  • QB-2860: Make audit log available after configuration rename or move
  • QB-3127: Perforce: unshelve of a file with exclusive lock already opened by someone else doesn't appear as an error
  • QB-3066: Unknown action 'encoding, edit'
Important Changes
  • Dashboards now can only be edited by administrator and owner
  • The cloud profile API has been changed, and you should change your custom cloud profile plugin in below areas:
    1. Your plugin class should override method getSettingIndependentExtensions to use below implementation:
      return getExtensions();
    2. UserDataRetriever is removed, and the logic there should be moved into method getNodeLaunchData of the class implementing the extension point NodeCloud
    3. NodeLauncher.launchNode now expects to return object LaunchResult instead of a string. To construct this object, first param is launch id as previous, the second param indicates ip address to be used by agent to communicate with server, the third param is agent port, and the last param indicates whether or not the agent is protected with SSL. Use null for agent ip and SSL param if you are not sure.
  • Property password of Perforce repository is replaced with credential. If you have script to get perforce password as below:

    You should change it as:



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