2.0 beta3

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This version is able to migrate data from previous QuickBuild versions, and the data can also be migrated to any future versions.

Quick links

  • Documentation (Some part of the document is a bit outdated and will be updated in the formal 2.0 release)
  • Download Link (please select the configuration PMEase.QuickBuild2)

Changes since 2.0 beta2

  1. Performance improvements. Dashboard is now much faster than previous versions even there are a
    large number of configurations.
  2. The expand all button is removed from dashboard and all configuration trees since server will be very busy serving this request in case of many configurations, and improper use of this functionality can easily causes the server too overloaded.
  3. Various edit actions in the dashboard are removed and they can only be accessed when a particular configuration is selected.
  4. A children tab is added to configuration page to display all child configurations.
  5. Build step is able to run on the user agent of build initiator.
  6. Variable name is now constrainted. It can only starts with underscore characters or letters, and it can only consist of word characters and underscores.
  7. When access a variable with empty value, an empty string will be returned instead of null.
  8. If a variable is set to prompt and if an empty value is specified at prompt time, the default value of the variable will be used.
  9. Global workspace directory is removed, and workspaces on server will be created under the server installation directory just like on agents.
  10. Add Always and Never condition for build subscriptions.
  11. Published artifacts are now sorted.
  12. Fix the bug that changes can not be retrieved if ClearCase repository is configured to checkout on agents.
  13. Fix the bug that Accurev integration does not work if the build stream is backed by passthrough streams.
  14. Fix the bug that RSS feeds does not work.
  15. Fix the bug that moving builds between different configurations may cause the dashboard displaying incorrect latest builds.
  16. Various build step can now takes absolute path for build scripts.

Changes since 2.0 beta1

  1. Fix the bug of not able to stop QuickBuild server/agent on Solaris platform.
  2. Fix a bug that database is queried frequently when user interface is auto-refreshed.
  3. Simplified build agent set up: Build agents can now only be downloaded by administrator and agents installed with this package can now connect to QuickBuild server directly without authorization.
  4. DHCP can be used with build agents. Under the hood, QuickBuild uses security token to authenticate build agents instead of using static ip addresses.
  5. Configuration workspaces are named by configuration name and organized in a hierarchical structure by default.
  6. Child configurations can be easily selected by hoving mouse over the arrow next to the configuration name in the navigation area.
  7. Subversion repository is enhanced to be able to checkout urls non-recursively.
  8. Add report set support for publishing reports.
  9. Fix a bug that search results always return empty in 'By Packages' tab.
  10. Fix a bug that NPE is thrown when there is no data for JFreeChart.

Major improvements over QuickBuild 1.x

  1. Native support for a number of build reports. Refer to below documents for details of build reports:
  2. Build statistics. Refer to below documents for details of build statistics:
  3. Build grid support. Refer to below documents for details of build grid:
  4. Introduce the concept of proof build to build/test user's uncommited changes at server, and optionally checkin that those changes automatically if build/test succeeds.
  5. Visually arrange steps to design build process. Refer to below documents for details:
    • [configuration setup]
  6. Build promotion visualization. Source build and destination build will be linked to show the promotion relation.
  7. Fine grained access control when assign permissions for groups.
  8. Be able to customize build option screen and promote option screen when manually triggers a build or promote a build. This is supported through prompt settings of variables.
  9. Builds can run concurrently even for a single configuration to better utilize build grid resource. To configure concurrent running builds for a single configuration, the master step needs to be configured to run on agent instead of server.
  10. Be able to recommend build. Recommended build will have a star icon attached. Promote operation can be configured to only applicable for recommended builds.
  11. Build changes will be collected during a build promotion process. For example, if a release build is generated as result of promoting from a QA build, the change set between current release and last release will be collected automatically.
  12. Be able to view/diff changed source files in the change set panel.
  13. Be able to compare two builds (not necessary ajacent) and generate changes between them.

Features exist in QuickBuild 1.x but not yet implemented in this beta

  1. Various IDE plugins inlcuding Eclipse, IntelliJ and Visual Studio.
  2. The windows tray monitor.
  3. Integration with JIRA.
  4. Remoting API.

These features will be implemented in QuickBuild 2.1


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