Working with Artifacts

Access build artifacts

If published, build artifacts will be available for download from build overview page as below:

Build artifacts can also be accessed from dashboard by hovering mouse over the more link of a build.

Permanent links to artifacts

Permanent links to artifacts are constructed in the form of:

http://<host>:<port>/download/<build id>/artifacts/<relative path to artifacts>

Take the above screenshot for example, assume the host and port to be build_server:8810, the permanent link to file productA-1.0.3.jar will be:


Ant style patterns can be used in the permanent link to refer to a set of files, for example:

Permanent Link Description
http://build_server:8810/download/42/artifacts/distribute/** This url refers to all files recursively contained in the distribute folder.
http://build_server:8810/download/42/artifacts/*/.java This url refers to all java source files, recursively.
http://build_server:8810/download/42/artifacts/*.txt This url refers to all text files under the top directory, non-recursively.

The <build id> can also be written as below:

Build Id Description
<configuration id>:latest refer to latest build of specified configuration
<configuration id>:latest_successful refer to latest successful build of specified configuration
<configuration id>:latest_finished refers to latest finished build of specified configuration
<configuration id>:latest_failed refers to latest failed build of specified configuration
<configuration id>:latest_recommended refers to latest recommended build of specified configuration

Below are some example permanent links using this form of build id:

Permanent Links Description
http://build_server:8810/download/2:latest/artifacts/** This url refers to all published artifacts in latest build of configuration 2 (identifier).
http://build_server:8810/download/5:latest_successful/artifacts/distribute/productA.jar This url refers to artifact distribute/productA.jar in latest successful build of configuration 5 (identifier).


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