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  XMT (XStream Migration Tool) is an open source library to migrate [XStream|http://xstream.codehaus.org/] serialized XML when the associated Java class evolves. XStream is a popular library to serialize Java object to XML and back again, and XMT enables a smooth migration of this XML with the help of [dom4j|http://dom4j.sourceforge.net/] when you change class definition of the Java object.
  [XStream|http://xstream.codehaus.org/] is a popular tool to serialize Java objects to XML and back again. However in a production environment, user needs to deal with migration of serialized XML if fields of associated Java classes have been changed. XMT (XStream Migration Tool) makes this task much easier with the help of [dom4j|http://dom4j.sourceforge.net/]: when you change fields of the class, you just provide a migration method in your class to handle migration of dom4j document (DOM representation of serialized XML) from previous version to current version, and XMT will take care of the rest.