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 {panel:title=Release Highlights|borderStyle=solid|borderColor=#A3BFB1|titleBGColor=#CEF2E0|bgColor=#ffffff}
 * Codenarc report publish and rendering
 * Valgrind report publish and rendering
 * Integrate with TeamForge orchestrator
 * JIRA 7 support
 * Built-in support for PowerShell
 * Integrate with Bitbucket server
 * Variable prompt setting can now be configured to upload file and set variable value as path of uploaded file
 * Active directory nested group support
 * Able to control which action should be audited via audit acceptance script in system setting
 * Display maven dependency relationship in GUI
 * Add a multi-root tree gadget and tree roots can either be added manually or automatically by running a script
  * Able to send email to a quickbuild group (by calling system.groupManager.getMemberEmails("group name"))
  * Able to send email to a quickbuild group (by calling system.groupManager.getMemberEmails("group_name"))
 * Able to get list of shelved perforce changes after executing checkout step (by calling repositories.get("repo_name").shelveSupport.shelvedChangesets)
 * Able to build against shelved changes from different users
 * Able to change default value of selection in chained variables (by calling Context.getProperty().setValue("new_variable_value") in choices evaluation script of the variable)
 * Support Accurev "demote_from" transaction type
 * Pipeline gadget filter information is now part of gadget setting to make them persistent
 * Able to refresh pipeline automatically upon change
 * Running as another user is now audited
 * Able to use a separate directory to hold custom plugins
 * Add configuration information to help identify source of error in log
 * Permission to control visibility of html reports
 * Able to trigger new GitHub pull request builds even if the pull request is rebased
 * Able to shallow-clone Git repository upon build
 * Able to check if system is paused via RESTful API (by visiting /rest/paused)
 * Show user information in log when access denied exception is reported
 * Show variable display name in variable values tab of build
 * Fix the issue that QB needs to access svn root url to get information about revision, and this behavior should be made optional
 * Fix the issue that JSW wrapper process may eat a lot of memory on Linux
 * Fix the issue that "committers since previous build" notification setting doesn't work when using "Record Changes" step
 * When upgrading to QuickBuild 5.0.14, you may need reinstall QuickBuild for JIRA plugin, as the old plugin is not compatible with the new REST API supplied by QuickBuild.
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