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 h2. New features
 * QB-3320: Java 11 support
 * QB-3291: GitLab merge request support
 * QB-3342: Swagger documentation support
 * QB-3162: GitHub/BitBucket web hook to trigger QuickBuild builds
  * QB-3348: GitLab webhook integration
 * QB-3168: Build statistics aggregation
 * QB-3295: Syntax highlight for groovy script
 * QB-3314: GPU option support when create EC2 instances
 * QB-3301: Allow for additional flags to git repository log command
 * QB-3325: Optionally include a custom file for environment setup when service starts
 * QB-3292: Add STOP_OWNER_BUILD permission
 * QB-3290: Able to run designated build on stopping build agent
 * QB-3281: Do not clone git repository if no changes in github pull requests
 * QB-3327: Do not respect step retry setting upon step cancellation/timed out
 * QB-3269: Improve authorized groups page to show inherited authorizations
 * QB-3324: Provide api to run another groovy script on specified node and get result when executing a groovy script
 * QB-3268: Provide a way to download the agent without needing an administrator account
 * QB-3265: Get dashboard name on gadget by groovy script
 * QB-3260: Resource search/filter functionality
 * QB-3329: Able to specify additional options when clone a git repository
 * QB-3239: Add a step type to run groovy script from specified file
 * QB-3224: Quickbuild should retry git fetch command, if suggested by error message
 * QB-3230: Upgrade to use Jetty 9.4.8 or higher to fix log rotating and large file downloading issue
 * QB-3227: Decouple commit status update from repository checkout
 * QB-3331: Rich html editor to edit html content in various settings
 * QB-3137: Change variable 'Remember', 'Allow Empty', and 'Read Only' field from text-input box to selection box for better user experience
 * QB-3332: Check minimum java version when start QB
 * QB-3129: Provide option to group published HTML reports in Overview page
 * QB-3120: Allow creating Perforce readonly and partitioned clients
 * QB-3334: Able to specify concurrent works of parallel step via script
 * QB-1075: Would like option to select nodes based on resource for inclusion in another resource
 h2. Bug fixes
 * QB-3318: Running builds gadget sometimes shows no builds even if builds are running in a configuration
 * QB-3313: Promotion should run once even if repository branch contains wildcard
 * QB-3322: QB reports "Build is too old to be requested" if triggered build builds against multiple branches
 * QB-3323: Incorrect commit is being built for pull requests originating from forked repositories in BitBucket server
 * QB-3276: Report head commit instead of merged commit to GitHub for pull request builds
 * QB-3297: After reboot on Windows Server, service does not start
 * QB-3288: Anonymous user in the build request queue
 * QB-3279: FILES_TO_SOURCE in start script removed on upgrade
 * QB-3326: Upgrade JSW to 3.5.37 to fix service issues on some platforms
 * QB-3250: Step retry times should be times of retries, instead of times of total runs
 * QB-3264: Should not save file content in build options for file upload variable
 * QB-3228: When IP of a build node changes it does not get recognized and results into "No route to host"
 * QB-3179: Default install build condition can cause Schedule not to trigger
 * QB-3212: QuickBuild Agent in a restart loop on macOS due to Address already in use
 * QB-3147: Configuration move should be audited
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 QuickBuild 9.x (both server and agent) now requires Java 1.8 or higher
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