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Trigger Build via GET Request

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 Build can be triggered by posting build request as described in page [interact with build requests]. Sometimes it is useful to trigger build via GET request, and here is how:
 # Create a build request XML file, say _request.xml_ Refer to _request new build_ section of [interact with build requests] on how to create build request XML
 # Base64 and urlencode the xml file
 base64 request.xml | xargs urlencode
  On Ubuntu, you will need to call _sudo apt install gridsite-clients_ if _urlencode_ is not available
 # Trigger build via below url:
 http://localhost:8810/rest/trigger?build_request=<output of above step>
 You will need to use http BASIC authentication to login as authorized QuickBuild user if the anonymous does not have RUN_BUILD permission for the requested configuration.