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Release Highlights

New Features and Improvements

  • QB-3578: Send status reason text along with status code in pre-queue evaluation response
  • QB-3534: Do not persist scheduler generated build requests
  • QB-3609: Use a backoff strategy to persist build request when system is idle to improve performance
  • QB-3659: Spot VM support for Azure cloud profile
  • QB-3662: Retry launching on-demand node via cloud profiles in case there are temporal errors
  • QB-1901: Able to launch EC2 spot instance via cloud profile
  • QB-3649: Test cloud profile only when necessary
  • QB-3646: SSO via Azure AD
  • QB-3608: Able to configure LDAP socket connection/read timeout
  • QB-3643: Prevent triggering on disabled configuration through rest API
  • QB-3665: Validate variables submitted via RESTful api or trigger build step
  • QB-3647: Add a "Prefer node SUCCESSFULLY running this step previously"
  • QB-3638: Able to pause/unpause schedule without having EDIT_SETTING permission
  • QB-3636: Make the configuration picker in the gadget scriptable
  • QB-3630: Able to collapse children of composition steps
  • QB-3626: A dashboard gadget to display list of builds via groovy script
  • QB-3625: Add a small button next to configuration path to paste configuration path in clipboard
  • QB-3624: Copy authorized groups automatically when copy a configuration
  • QB-3623: Do not make lastLogin mandatory when creating user via restful api
  • QB-3610: RESTful API to retrieve evaluated variable values of configuration
  • QB-3589: Preserve white spaces in QB log
  • QB-3579: Log current step when evaluating step repetition values to help error investigation
  • QB-3573: Rename groups used in promotion condition also when group renames
  • QB-3558: Adding Evaluate Velocity Template to utils

Bug Fixes

  • QB-3663: Launched Azure windows 10 node can not join the grid automatically
  • QB-3660: Unable to run child steps on other nodes if previous node is not available upon retry
  • QB-3666: Failed builds gadget not showing failed builds of specified root
  • QB-3612: when importing/syncing changes to configs, there is no update to the audit log
  • QB-3590: Auto promotion again when a build is recommended
Important Changes
  1. Disabled configuration can not be triggered via RESTful api and trigger build step
  2. Build request variables submitted via RESTful api or trigger build step will be validated
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