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* [User Dashboards|Working with Dashboard]
* [Resource Management|Working with Resources]
* [Partition Build Grid|Working with Build Grid#gridpartition]
* [Report Aggregation|Report Aggregation]
* [CollabNet TeamForge Integration|Integrating QuickBuild with TeamForge]
* [Google Repo Integration|Working with Google git-repo]
* [Boost Test Integration|Publish Boost Test Report]
* [Redmine Integration|Integrating QuickBuild with Redmine]
* [System Audit|Auditing User Activities]
* [APIs for integrating unit test report|Creating a Test Report Plugin]
* [APIs for integrating issue tracker|Creating an Issue Tracker Plugin]
* [RESTful APIs to access reports|Interact with Reports]
* [RESTful APIs to access changes|Interact with Changes]
* [RESTful APIs to access issues|Interact with Issues]

* The backend of report system is redesigned to make it more efficient (up to 5x compare to previous version)
* [Improved Test Report|Working with Test Report]
* [Improved Coverage Report|Working with Coverage Report]
* [Improved Inspection Report|Working with Inspection Report]
* [Improved SCM changes report|Working with Changes]
* [Improved issue reports|Working with Issues]
* Users and groups are now searchable.




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