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* [Build pipeline to visualize lifecycle of SCM commits|Working with Build Pipeline]
* [Selectively store build artifacts on agent|Store Build Artifacts on Agent]
* [Launch build agent on demand in cloud environment|Working with Cloud Profiles]
* [Grid performance measurement|Working with Grid Measurements]
* [Grid alert system|Working with alerts]
* [JaCoCo coverage report|Publish JaCoCo Report] (since 5.0.6)
* [Restful API to backup database|Backup Database] (since 5.0.8)
* [Restful API to pause system|Pause System] (since 5.0.8)
* [Restful API to resume system|Resume System] (since 5.0.8)
* [Restful API to query grid measurements|Query Grid Measurements] (since 5.0.9)

* Dashboard can now be shared with users besides groups.
* Add a group permission to share dashboards.
* New dashboard gadgets for build pipeline, grid performance measurements and system alerts.
* Step path and node information can be toggled on/off in build log.
* [Enhanced Tray Monitor and refined message window|Tray Monitor]
* [Headless build for plugins|Write Your First Plugin#headless_build]

* Since 5.0.14, RESTful APIs for fetching [changes|Interact with Changes] and [issues|Interact with Issues] are changed, especially for configuration param, the notable changes are, when you specify configuration path before 5.0.14, you need add *PATH:* as a prefix, now, you can specify the configuration path directly.


* When upgrading to QuickBuild 5.0.14, you may need reinstall QuickBuild for JIRA plugin, as the old plugin is not compatible with the new REST API supplied by QuickBuild.




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