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QuickBuild is able to publish and display some commonly used build reports, such as JUnit, Checkstyle, NUnit, EMMA, etc. For reports that QuickBuild does not have native support, if it generates reports in html format, you can instruct QuickBuild to create a report tab in build detail page displaying this html report. This is done by adding the step _Publish -> Html Report_ from the step menu. We will demonstrate its usage through an example:

Let's assume you have the directory _myreport_ in the [workspace|Concepts#configuration workspace]that contains html files of the report with the start page being index.html. You can add the html report publish step with below properties:
* Name: <give a name of the step>
* Report Name: my report
* Source Path: myreport
* Start Page: index.html

After build finishes, a report tab named _my report_ will be available to display the html report.