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h1. Scenario
Authenticate users through Fedora directory server and retrieve associated groups to determine user permission. We assume that:
# This directory server can be accessed through address _ldaps://
# Users are managed under LDAP entry _ou=people,dc=example,dc=com_.
# Groups are managed under LDAP entry _ou=groups,dc=example,dc=com_.

h1. Resolution
# For each LDAP group you want to assign QuickBuild permissions, create a group with the same name in QuickBuild, and set proper permissions.
# Login as Administrator, switch to menu _Authentication->Security Settings_, and add an authenticator of LDAP type like below:
# Your users should now be able to login to QuickBuild and access to QuickBuild functionalities will be controlled using the group information from the fedora directory server.

{info}To browse directory server user and group information in a LDAP friendly way (that is, be able to browse DN and various attribute names/values), you may need to install a LDAP client (such as [Apache Directory Studio|]), and connect it to your directory server using LDAP url, user and password information listed above.{info}