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[JFrog's Artifactory|] is a popular artifact management server. Integration with Artifactory enables QuickBuild to publish artifacts to Artifactory server as well as using published artifacts as build dependencies.

h2. Prerequisites
This plugin requires professional version of Artifactory. Version 3.4.2 has been tested.

h2. Enable Artifactory integration

To enable Artifactory integration, login to QuickBuild as administrator to configure Artifactory plugin like below:

h2. Publish artifacts to Artifactory

To publish artifacts to Artifactory, add a step of type _Publish > Artifactory Artifacts_ like below:

Once published, the artifacts will appear in artifactory repository together with associated build information like below:

QuickBuild will also display links to published artifacts as below:

h2. Use artifacts published to Artifactory

Configurations in QuickBuild can be set up to use artifacts published to Artifactory as build dependencies. To do it, define a repository of type _Artifactory Artifacts_ at QuickBuild side like below:
And then add a step to check out this repository just as other repositories. The repository is considered to be changed if the build version is set to LATEST, and there are new versions published under specified build name.