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h3. Upgrade procedures
* [from 3.0.x|Upgrade Data]
* [from 2.1.x|Upgrade Data]
* [from 2.0.x|Upgrade 2.0.x]
* [from 1.x|Upgrade QuickBuild 1.x]
* [from Luntbuild|Upgrade Luntbuild]

h3. Incompatibilities with 2.x
# If empty value is specified for a prompted variable, the variable will get value of _null_. In 2.x, the default value will be used when prompted value is left empty.
# View log by step is not possible for migrated builds.
# Executed steps should be referenced by [step path] instead of step name.
# RESTful API is not compatible with 2.x. Existing programs needs to be changed to use the [new API|RESTful API] in order to interact with 3.x server.
# QuickBuild tray monitor needs to be reinstalled in order to interact with 3.x server.
# The method _isScheduled()_ of configuration object is now removed. Call _request.scheduled_ instead to check for scheduled build.
# The _current_ object used in next build version field needs to be replaced with _configuration_ as _current_ now points to the version manager object itself.
# Builds can not be moved from one configuration to another; otherwise, change and issue comparison will not be accurate.
# To build in a future time, define a variable prompting for date or time input, and specify pre-queue script as below:
# The method _build.getSteps()_ is removed. If a custom email notification template is used (other than using _default_html_notification.vm_), please change error message rendering part of the template as below:
#if ($build.hasErrors())
<h3>Error Messages</h3>
<table class="error-messages">
#if ($build.errorMessage)
<td colspan="2" valign="top">$util.formatString($build.errorMessage)</td>
<td valign="top"><a href="$build.logUrl">build log</a></td>
#foreach ($stepPathName in $build.stepRuntimes.keySet())
#if ($step.errorMessage)
<td valign="top">$stepPathName</td>
<td valign="top">$util.formatString($step.errorMessage)</td>
<td valign="top"><a href="$build.getLogUrl($stepPathName)">step log</a></td>
# Custom plugins for 2.x need to be re-compiled and re-exported. Below changes may affect your plugin:
## Class _com.pmease.quickbuild.web.component.editor_ is renamed to _com.pmease.quickbuild.web.component.editor.BeanEditor_.
## Read only mode of BeanEditor is removed, and a separate class _com.pmease.quickbuild.web.component.BeanViewer_ is added for display bean properties.