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When a build takes place, SCM changes will be calculated against previous build. Changes will not be calculated for the first build in a configuration since there is no base build to calculate changes against. If you've changed name of the repository, changes of that repository will not be calculated for the first build after the name change, since QuickBuild uses repository name as the key to look up repository revision in previous build.

In build overview tab, the latest *10* commits and the commit statistics (include the count of commits, modifications, and the number of add/modify/delete actions) will be displayed:


The changes tab contains two child tabs, respectively _By Changeset_ and _By File_.

The _By Changeset_ tab displays all changes by commits as demonstrated below:


By default, changes are grouped by day. If you want to show changes since a specified version(the changes of the specified build are excluded), just input or select the build version from the input box in the right, and the changes will be grouped by build as below:


You can hover the number block to see the modifications in the changeset like:


When issue tracker is configured, the issue key will be hyperlinked and when you hover the issue key, QuickBuild will display the issue summary, see below:


For each modification/file, there are two links: _View_ and _Diff_ which can help you to view the source code or diff with previous editor/previous build. See a sample diff page below:


The _By File_ tab displays all modifications grouped by file so that you can easily tracking your changes for a specified file.


To search a specified changeset or modification, you just need input your change id, or committer, or even part of your commit message in the search box, or you can just click the committer name, change id, repository directly.


Moreover, you can view all your changes in the _Statistics_ page, there, you can view changes by day, by build and by committer


You can also add a gadget of your latest commits of a specific configuration to the dashboard: