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h2. Overview

The build reports in QuickBuild are published by using [publish build reports step|Publish Build Reports]. The build report will be generated after the build finishes. After the build reports is published, you can:
1. View an overview status in [build dashboard|Build Dashboard].
2. View the details report by clicking the related category in _Build_ Tab.
3. View the trends of the current report in [Statistics tab|Working with Statistics].

QuickBuild also support publishing HTML reports if your reports are not supported directly.

h2. Supported Reports

Following table lists all the reports supported in QuickBuild:

h3. Java Category

|| Report Name || Version ||
| [JUnit Report|Publish JUnit Report] | 3.8\+ |
| [TestNG Report|Publish TestNG Report] | 5.7 |
| [Fidbugs Report|Publish Findbugs Report] | 1.3.5\+ \\ |
| [CheckStyle Report|Publish CheckStyle Report] | 4.1\+ |
| [EMMA Report|Publish EMMA Report] | 2.1\+ |
| [Cobertura Report|Publish Cobertura Report] | 1.9.2\+ \\ |
| [PMD Report|Publish PMD Report] | 4.2.2 |

h3. .NET Category

|| Report Name || Version ||
| [MSTest Report|Publish MSTest Report] | |
| [NUnit Report|Publish NUnit Report] | 2.0 |
| [MBUnit Report|Publish MBUnit Report] | 2.4\+ |
| [Fxcop Report|Publish Fxcop Report] | 1.35+ |
| [NCover Report|Publish NCover Report] | 3.0+ |

h2. Report Table

QuickBuild is using a grid table to display the records of a build report as follows:


Below is a fast overview of the actions in the report table:

h3. Re-order The Report

By clicking the header of the table, you can re-order the report results by selected column.


h3. Display The History Statistics Chart

When clicking a column with !stats-small.gif!, the history statistics of this data will be displayed. This will help you to track your builds more accurately.
*NOTE: Only last 25 builds will be displayed*


h3. Filtering/Navigating The Report

At the top/bottom of the report table, controls are available to filter/navigate the report.


h4. Filter the records
Some reports contains sub reports, for example, in JUnit Packages report, you can click each link of the Package Name, then all the test suites in this packages will be displayed. Or if you are viewing tests report ('By Tests' tab), then click the link(s) will help you to filter the reports.

You may also enter any words you want to filter in the input box, and press 'Go' button, the report will be filtered. Clear the filter input field, and press 'Go' button, and all records will be shown again.

By selecting 'containing' or 'excluding', the records will include or exclude the word(s) you have entered.