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[MbUnit|] is an advanced, extensible unit testing framework originally developed by Jonathon 'Peli' de Halleux and Jamie Cansdale. It is a free and open source unit testing tool for the .NET Framework. To publish the MBUnit reports to QuickBuild, first, the XML reports should be generated by [nant|] or by msbuild which is freely available as part of the .NET 2.0 Framework.

h3. Generate MBUnit Reports

The following code snippet is an example from [MBUnit|] which will generate the XML test reports by NAnt:
<project default="tests">
<target name="tests">
<include name="FizzBuzzTests.dll" />
More detailed information please refer to the [documentation of MBUnit|].

h3. Add MBUnit Report Publish Step
Add _*Publish MBUnit Report*_ step to your build workflow. If you have several report sets, you can add several steps with different report set names. Reference [this page|Publish Build Reports] for more details.