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h2. New features

* QB-3007: Launch build agent on demand in Kubernetes cluster
* QB-3109: Launch build agent on demand in Azure cloud
* QB-3063: BitBucket cloud ( integraion
* QB-2891: Slack Notification Plugin
* QB-3075: Add GitHub's build status markdown
* QB-3107: File compress support for artifact publishing/dependency resolving/artifact promotion
* QB-3105: An option to display parallel steps vertically
* QB-3100: Add ticket authentication for Perforce repository besides password
* QB-3094: Add support for triggering builds on one configuration for pull requests and branches
* QB-3092: Additional access control for grid tab via group
* QB-3088: Able to search builds by master node address
* QB-3086: Nested permission set support
* QB-3116: Edit group authorizations at configuration side
* QB-3119: Add a configuration level cache to store script evaluation result
* QB-3079: Able to diff original value and current value for setting overriden
* QB-3077: Able to pause notification of a configuration tree
* QB-2197: Able to set per-step log level
* QB-3076: Able to specify output charset for command build step
* QB-3073: Gzip compression when access build log
* QB-3072: Add full name to user pick list when edit a group
* QB-3070: An option to prevent artifacts override when doing publish
* QB-3052: Dashboard administration - ownership transfer
* QB-3121: Able to specify primary dashboard if multiple dashboards are applicable for new users
* QB-3122: Build cleanup strategy to evaluate a condition to determine if the build should be preserved
* QB-3023: Able to specify network loss tolerance period when executing a step
* QB-3022: Add user information to "pause system" messaging
* QB-3020: Setting patterns on the "Artifact Cleanup Strategy"
* QB-3008: Change the variable option such as read only, allow empty, remember from check-box to script
* QB-3005: Multiple user and version search support in build history filter
* QB-3003: Git gc run before doing a fetch/pull
* QB-2992: Add conditions to velocity template attachements
* QB-3123: Optionally disable "p4 print" during unshelve for improved performance
* QB-3124: Dashboard should only be allowed to be edited by owner or administrator
* QB-2981: Build step - configuration export and import
* QB-2977: Allow conditions to be added to the step "retry after failure" feature
* QB-2976: An option to show urls in step log as links
* QB-2975: Add the ability to make "view log of this step" wicket a shareable link
* QB-2973: Editable customized access denied message for configuration
* QB-3097: Custom Statistics Widget - Data Range Display
* QB-3081: Custom statistics history gadget always starts at zero although there are also negative numbers
* QB-3044: User management 'shorcut' letters should have an option "startsWith" on top of "contains"
* QB-3027: Add "Count" Indicator to Build Stats dashboard gadget
* QB-3010: JaCoCo Aggregation Table Gadget

h2. Bug fixes

* QB-3114: Max workers setting executes parallel childs in batches and not "Child step will wait until it is picked up by free workers"
* QB-3115: When max workers are set in parallel composite step and one fails the pending steps are skipped
* QB-3102: Set default date of lastLogin of user when migration from QB6 to QB8
* QB-3091: Node attribute not refreshed in grid overview when modified by script on agent side
* QB-3118: Unauthorized access to configuration audit/stats/storage tab can be achieved by inputting url directly
* QB-3117: Authorization changing is not audited
* QB-3055: Missing SCM control files (files in .git, .svn, etc.) on server when they are set to stored on agent
* QB-3053: Dashboard administration - sorting is not persistent
* QB-3037: Promotion button not refreshing
* QB-3009: Disable button in build option and promote option page when pressed to prevent further click
* QB-2995: Step with execute condition "always execute" is skipped if condition check of previous step throws exception
* QB-2986: Subversion proof build does not commit if commit message contains quoted dots
* QB-2974: Jetty idleTimeout issue
* QB-2908: Audit configuration import
* QB-3125: Unshelve process for proof build in Perforce print files on all the agents checking out repository
* QB-2860: Make audit log available after configuration rename or move
* QB-3127: Perforce: unshelve of a file with exclusive lock already opened by someone else doesn't appear as an error
* QB-3066: Unknown action 'encoding, edit'


{panel:title=Important Changes|titleBGColor=#FFEEEE|bgColor=#FFFFFF}
* Dashboards now can only be edited by administrator and owner
* The cloud profile API has been changed, and you should change your custom cloud profile plugin in below areas:
*# Your plugin class should override method _getSettingIndependentExtensions_ to use below implementation:
return getExtensions();
*# _UserDataRetriever_ is removed, and the logic there should be moved into method _getNodeLaunchData_ of the class implementing the extension point _NodeCloud_

* Property _password_ of Perforce repository is replaced with _credential_. If you have script to get perforce password as below:
You should change it as:





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