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The integration features:
* Hyperlink the issue ids mentioned in commit message
* Generate an issues report from commit messages
* Display SCM commits associated with each issue.

h3. Configure Redmine
To enable the integration, you need configure Redmine setting first. Go to configuration settings->Issue Tracker->Redmine server, and then below screen will be displayed:

Below lists the descriptions of these properties:
|Server URL|The URL of Bugzilla server. {html}http:// or https://{html} is needed here.|
|User Name|The user name which will be used to retrieve the issues information from Bugzilla server.|
|Password|The password for the user.|
|Issue Pattern|Uses [Java regular expression|] to match the issue ids from commit messages. By default, below pattern will match #123 or bug:123.
|Associated Project|The key of the related project.|

After you configured, all issues mentioned in commit messages will by hyperlinked:

and an issues report will be shown in Issues tab: