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Since QuickBuild 10, a two-way solution is provided to integrate with Atlassian JIRA Cloud. The integration features:

* Hyperlink the JIRA keys in commit messages to corresponding JIRA Cloud pages
* Generate an issues report from commit messages
* Create an issue to JIRA based on a customized step condition
* View SCM changes for each issue
* View related builds for each issue
* View related builds for each project

h2. QuickBuild Side

To collect the issues information, you need first add JIRA Cloud tracker setting in QuickBuild. The tracker setting can be defined from Configuration settings -> Issue Tracker -> JIRA Cloud:


Then, fill in the required information:


The token can be generated from:

See more about API token at the following page:

After doing these, the issues keys mentioned in commit messages will be hyperlinked:


and an issues report tab will be displayed in Build tab: