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h2. New features

* QB-1348: Sonar plugin
* QB-1800: Publishing artifacts in Amazon S3
* QB-3296: To support JSON rest api
* QB-3481: Integrating with Jira Cloud
* QB-3453: SAML SSO support
* QB-3426: Only build if there are new patch sets in Gerrit repository
* QB-3505: Able to specify custom tags for launched build agents via Azure cloud profile
* QB-3506: Able to use premium storage for launched build agents via Azure cloud profile
* QB-3504: Add "Node not matching criteria" for repeat parameter "Addresses of all nodes filtered by specified criteria"
* QB-3398: Trigger build via link by encoding build request xml/json as query parameter
* QB-3413: An option in system setting to persist build queue upon new build requests to avoid queue being cleared upon system crash
* QB-3431: Update to log4j2 in order to work with modern libraries
* QB-3510: Separate permission to manage build grid
* QB-3436: Sent notification upon build not running due to snapshot taking or build condition evaluation error
* QB-3509: Cloud profiles view improvements

h2. Bug fixes

* QB-3399: Parallel Steps can cause double execution of child steps in some rare cases
* QB-3415: Cancel all child steps not running yet if a parallel container is cancelled
* QB-3496: Artifactory deploy step does not work with files with space in name
* QB-3498: Unable to run restore and upgrade script with OpenJDK 1.8.0_242
* QB-3499: Accurev plugin complains about validation error when calculate changes
* QB-3500: Auto-start fails occasionally due to some temp files not being able to be deleted
* QB-3501: Frequently gets "too many files open" error and new builds won't start
* QB-3511: QB won't start on Mac OSX with latest Java due to JSW error


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QuickBuild 10.x (both server and agent) requires Java 1.8 or higher




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