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QuickBuild ships with some plugin examples located in directory _<QuickBuild install dir>/dev/plugin/samples_. You may follow below steps to import these example plugin projects into the [plugin development workspace|Set up plugin development workspace] to explore them more easily:
# Bring up the import dialog by selecting Eclipse menu item _File -> Import_. Select _Existing Projects into Workspace_ as import source like below:
# Click next to bring up the import projects dialog. Specify root directory as _<QuickBuild install dir>/dev/plugin/samples_, and check the option _Copy projects into workspace_ like below:
# Click finish, and all example plugin projects will be imported into the workspace.
# Check Eclipse problems view to see if there is any errors. If there is, rebuild imported projects by selecting menu item _Project -> Clean_, and click OK on the appeared dialog.

Now let's introduce more plugin concepts and extension points by exploring some of these example projects: