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[Build promotion|Build Promotion] can be used to manage build life cycle in QuickBuild. A build can be promoted to another build if all below conditions are satisfied:
* Current configuration is enabled for build promotion.
* Current user is authorized with the permission to promote build in this configuration.
* The build is recommended, or if the build is successful and the "recommended build only" option is not enabled for build promotion setting.

In a build promotion process, the source build refers to the build being promoted. Below is a screenshot of build being promoted:

The destination build in a promotion process represents the build being promoted to. The destination build will link back to the source build after the promotion. The source link can only be displayed if the source build resides on the same server as the destination build.

{anchor:build changes}In a promotion process, changes will be calculated against previous build of the destination build, instead of source build. Assume below scenario:
# Build _QA1_ contains change1, and is promoted to _Release1_.
# Build _QA2_ contains change2. It is not promoted.
# Build _QA3_ contains change3, and is promoted to _Release2_.

When calculate changes for _Release2_, the base build will be _Release1_. Hence the calculated changes of _Release2_ will be change2 and change3.
Refer to [Working with Changes] for details of build changes.