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To publish [Boost Test|] report, you only need two steps:
# Generate Boost Test *XML* report.
# Add a Publish Boost Test Report step by choosing Settings->Steps->_Publish ->Boost Test Report_ in step menu.

h2. Generate Boost XML Report
Boost.Test can output test reports in XML format. Suppose the program that runs your tests is called run_tests, then we can get an XML report by running that program as:
run_tests --log_format=XML --report_level=detailed

and below XML report will be generated:

<TestSuite name="MyBoostTest">
<TestSuite name="FooSuites">
<TestCase name="simpleTestCase">
<Message file="./boost/test/impl/results_collector.ipp"
line="210"><![CDATA[Test case simplePass did not check any assertions]]></Message>
<TestCase name="checkFailure">
<Error file="main.cpp" line="30"><![CDATA[check add(2, 2) == 4 failed]]></Error>
<TestCase name="multipleCheckFailures">
<Error file="main.cpp" line="25"><![CDATA[check add(2, 2) == 1 failed]]></Error>
<Error file="main.cpp" line="27"><![CDATA[check add(2, 2) == 3 failed]]></Error>

h2. Publish Boost Test Report
Add _*Publish Boost Test Report*_ step to your build workflow. If you have several report sets, you can add several publish Boost Test Report steps with different report set names. Reference [this page|Publish Build Reports] for more details.