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Since QuickBuild 3, QuickBuild can integrate with Bugzilla, it features:
* Hyperlink the issue ids mentioned in commit message
* Generate an issues report from commit messages
* Create an issue to Bugzilla based on step condition

h3. Configure Bugzilla
To enable the integration, you need configure Bugzilla setting first. Go to configuration settings and select Bugzilla Server to define, and then below screen will be displayed:

Below lists the descriptions of these properties:
|Server URL|The URL of Bugzilla server. {html}http:// or https://{html} is needed here.|
|User Name|The user name which will be used to retrieve the issues information from Bugzilla server.|
|Password|The password for the user.|
|Issue Pattern|Uses [Java regular expression|] to match the issue ids from commit messages. By default, below pattern will match #123 or bug:123.

After you configured, all issues mentioned in commit messages will by hyperlinked:

and an issues report will be shown in Issues tab:

h3. Create issue to Bugzilla
To create an issue to Bugzilla, _Create Bugzilla Issue_ step should be added to your build workflow. You may use this step to track your build status in Bugzilla.

h3. Trouble shooting
If QuickBuild complains XmlRpcException, please make sure you have installed SOAP module like below:
$ perl -MCPAN -e 'install "SOAP::Lite"'