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h1. Situation
Set up the build so that one agent runs only one build at a time. If all agents are occupied, the build should be waiting.

h1. Demonstration
# Check [grid tab|] on the demo site, and there are two agents available.
# Visit [the control project|], and hit the run button to trigger all its children (project1, project2 and project3) concurrently.
# Check the [queue tab|]. Only two child builds will be running, each occupying one agent. The waiting child build will start to run when one of the running child builds finishes.

h1. Resolution
# Switch to [resources tab|] and a resource named "Agent" is defined with each agent providing one resource.
# Check master step definition of [child project1|], [child project2|], and [child project3|]. They all set to run on node with resource _Agent_. If resource requirement of the master step is not satisfied, the build itself will be put into waiting state.