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h2. New Features and Improvements
* QB-2978: Dark theme for QB
* QB-3831: Move all step related links back to the left side close to the step name
* QB-3836: Able to loop through multiple LDAP authenticators in case some of them are down
* QB-3838: Display all promotion target builds in build detail page
* QB-3843: TOTP based two-factor authentication
* QB-3847: Able to copy notification from one configuration to another
* QB-3850: Able to calculate perforce changes if build with label
* QB-3862: Allow agents to wait for QB server on startup
* QB-3863: Docker integration to build image, run container, or run specified commands
* QB-3875: Able to specify scriptable display name of promotion
* QB-3893: Audit variable change via script
* QB-3898: Able to search configurations via restful api
* QB-3903: Global resource to limit build concurrency without requiring build running on specific node
* QB-3905: Set Kuberntes image pull policy to be always when test relevant cloud profiles
* QB-3906: Loop all applicable cloud profiles to launch on-demand node
* QB-3910: Java 17 LTS support
* QB-3911: Improve error detection to detect lines not matching specific pattern as errors
* QB-3914: Able to customize page css styles

h2. Bugs

* QB-1214: Multi-root configuration tree shares a common expand/collapse state
* QB-3841: Build should be marked as timed out if step is timed out
* QB-3845: QB should not be redirected back to http port after logging out from a https port
* QB-3849: Choice variable value should be locked after chosen
* QB-3907: The list of VM Size in Cloud Profile doesn't cover all available profiles in Azure
* QB-3909: Secret variable passed by Promotion become visible
* QB-3912: Secret variable disclosed in child configurations if user has permission to edit variables
* QB-3913: Upgrade CKEditor to 4.18.0 or higher to avoid a XSS vulnerability





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