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# Make sure JDK version 1.8 or higher is installed on your development machine.
# [Download QuickBuild|] for your platform and extract to a directory, say _C:\quickbuild_. Please note that QuickBuild binary distribution should be used here instead of source distribution.
# Make sure Eclipse Galileo (or higher) *CLASSIC* version is installed.
# Create a empty workspace directory to hold the plugin projects, and open Eclipse using this workspace.
# Open Eclipse preference window and select menu _Java->Installed JRE_, make sure a JDK 1.8 or higher is available and selected as default JRE like below:
# Keep the preference window open, and switch to menu _Compiler_. Make sure the property _Compiler compliance level_ is set to 1.8 as below:
# From Eclipse, select menu _File->Import_, and import window will appear. Select _Plugins and Fragments_ as import source like below:
# Click next to bring out a dialog with a set of import options. Specify directory _C:\quickbuild\plugins_ (change to other directory as necessary if you've installed QuickBuild to other place in step 3) as import directory, and select the _Binary projects with linked content_ option like below:
# Click next and a dialog will be presented to let you select plugins to import. Select plugin _com.pmease.quickbuild_, _com.pmease.quickbuild.bootstrap_, _com.pmease.quickbuild.equinoxadapter_ and like below:
# Four QuickBuild projects will be imported into the workspace, respectively _com.pmease.quickbuild_, _com.pmease.quickbuild.bootstrap_, _com.pmease.quickbuild.equinoxadapter_ (only necessary for QuickBuild 4.0.61 or higher), and Check Eclipse problems view to make sure it does not report any warnings and errors. If there are errors, the most probable reason is that you've selected to import these plugins as _binary projects_ instead of _Binary projects with linked content_ in step 8.
# From package explorer view, right click the project _com.pmease.quickbuild.bootstrap_, and select menu _Run As -> Java Application_ from the popup menu as below:
# The _select java application_ window will appear. From there, select Bootstrap and click OK like below:
# QuickBuild will be launched from Eclipse. Follow printed instructions to set up QuickBuild server if necessary. Make sure there is no any errors printed out in Eclipse console.
# Stop QuickBuild server. If you want to launch QuickBuild from Eclipse later, just run the configuration _Bootstrap_ which should already be created. Now the plugin development environment has been set up successfully.