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h1. Situation
During a promotion process, make sure that the new build has the same version as the source build.

h1. Demonstration
# Visit [latest build of QA configuration|], and click the promote button.
# Wait a short while, and refresh the page, a new build will be generated as result of the promotion, and the version will be the same as the source build.

h1. Resolution
# Visit [promotion setting of QA configuration|]. A variable named _version_ is defined for promotion _release_ with the value _$\{build.version\}_. This tells QuickBuild to pass variable _version_ to the release configuration using version of current build during the promotion process.
# Visit [general setting of Release configuration|]. The property _next build version_ is defined as _$\{vars.get("version")\}_. This tells QuickBuild to use value of variable as version of the build being generated during promotion process.

{info}The variable name does not need to be _version_. You may use any other variable name as long as they are consistent in step 1 and step 2.{info}