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System attributes of grid node can be fetched via RESTful call.
{note}This feature is available since QuickBuild 5.1.22 {note}
h2. Syntax
System attributes can be fetched by accessing below url:
{code}http://localhost:8810/rest/system_attributes/<node address>{code}

Here _<node address>_ should be replaced with address of the grid node, for instance: _agent:8811_. The response is of mime type _text/xml_ and the content is XML representation of system attributes for specified grid node.

h2. Security
You will need to use http BASIC authentication to login as user with node attribute access permission to get system attributes of a grid node.

h2. Demo
We use [curl|] to demonstrate how to get system attributes:
# Connect a build agent to your grid and get it authorized. Assume the agent address is _agent1:8811_.
# Run below command:
{code}curl -u admin:admin http://<QB server>:8810/rest/system_attributes/agent1:8811{code}
# If above command succeeds, XML representation of the system attributes map will be printed.