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QuickBuild supports [Ant|] based build through the Ant build step. Ant build step can be added by selecting menu item _Build -> Ant_ from the step menu.

QuickBuild calls the command _ant_ to run Ant build script. If this command is not in system path, you will need to specify its location in plugin setting of the Ant plugin through [plugin management] page.
Further more, ant command location can be specified on a per-node basis by following below steps:
# Open Ant plugin setting page and set the property _Ant Executable Path_ as:
# For each node that does not have command _ant_ on system path, [define the user attribute|Working with Build Grid#define user attributes] _antPath_ to point to the actual ant command path, for example:
In case of user agent node, the user attribute need to be defined [in this way|Manage User Agent#define user attributes].

Please note that in above example, the _antPath_ user attribute is just for demonstration purpose. You can use any other user attribute name.