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{note} 9.0.x now requires Java 1.8 or higher both for server and agent {note}
h1. Upgrade procedures
* [from 9.0.x|In-place upgrade]
* [from 8.0.x|In-place upgrade]
* [from 7.0.x|In-place upgrade]
* [from 6.1.x|In-place upgrade]
* [from 6.0.x|In-place upgrade]
* [from 5.1.x|In-place upgrade]
* [from 5.0.x|In-place upgrade]
* [from 4.0.x (except 4.0.61 and 4.0.62)|Upgrade Data and Start Agent]
* [from 4.0.61 or 4.0.62|Backup and Restore Data]
* [from 3.1.x|Upgrade Data and Agent]
* [from 3.0.x|Upgrade Data and Agent]
* [from 2.1.x|Upgrade Data and Agent]
* [from 2.0.x|Upgrade 2.0.x]
* [from 1.x|Upgrade QuickBuild 1.x]
* [from Luntbuild|Upgrade Luntbuild]

||Typical errors when upgrade to 9.0 with Java 11 || Resolution||
| JDBC driver related errors | Update JDBC driver in current QuickBuild installation to latest version |
| Class format related errors | Use Java 11.0.2 instead of 11.0.1 |

h1. Important changes affecting versions before 7.0
* Publish directory of new build will be stored into a sub directory using last three digits of build id to avoid too many files issue. Old builds still remains in old place and can be recognized by QuickBuild. If you need to get path to build publish directory, please call build.getPublishDir() as it handles the change transparently
* Bean editor annotation _@FileInput_ now populates related field with below format instead of a single file name:
{code}<original upload file name>/<Base64 encoding of upload file content>{code}
This only affects users using the annotation @FileInput while writing their QuickBuild plugins

h1. Important changes affecting 4.0.x Users
* QuickBuild server, user agent and build agent now requires at least Java 6.
* As mentioned in the upgrade guide, the first upgrade to 5.0.x from 4.0.x may require the user and build agent to be started manually due to introducing of the new bootstrap update mechanism. This manually start will not be necessary for subsequent upgrades.
* Users will not be able to share dashboards to groups unless they are authorized with permission _Share Dashboard Allowed_.
* Permanent link to a set of published artifacts have been changed. Refer to below link for details: